So like last Friday…I have no clue what came over me. But my negative thoughts and shit are like all gone. Any feelings I had of doubt in regards to me future can’t compare to how I plan to succeed. I have no clue where this came from but I LOVE IT!!!

I’m started to get serious about moving. Yay me. I’m glad I feel better. I’m real excited. The first time I moved out I managed to buy almost everything for my new place before I moved in. This time is even better because I have stuff and now have a storage unit. I plan to buy my sofa and love seat from this place that does layaway (6 months to pay off) this will give me some fire to pay it off faster. I found a cute set for my baby that can be purchased in on paycheck. I have it planned out pretty good.

I’m so happy about this it’s scary. My credit score has been improving since I’ve been making payments. I have also been fighting the urge to flirt with the local lawyer in my area. I already know he ain’t shit but I’d love to fuck this man. FR, FR. He’s just so dark and smart. (but rough around the edges) He smells good too. I seen him at Starbucks. HIS SOCK GAME IS ON POINT!!!!! #WINNING

Back to this DAWG!!!! LOL. He got a DUI a few months back and someone my mother knew says he likes to play with his nose. (NOT HOT)  But hey who am I to judge? I also think he’s married which is the ultimate turn off. I don’t want someone elses meet. SORRY NOT SORRY. JUST A BAD IDEA. It’s nice to think about now. I got him to accept my friend request too. lol *(JUST CREEPY)

I’m off tomorrow and Saturday. I previously planned to go see Travis Scott. 😦 But I’m adulting. I paid my bills and plan to take my kid out on some fun ish the next couple of days.

UPDATE ON THE EMBRYOS!!! I did my bloodwork and drug test. I have to do a physical and complete a questionnaire.


Well I’m off to sipping a wine cooler and scrolling at home decor online.